The Original BHO T-Shirts brand.


Wholesale info???

–┬áContact us using the Contact feature on this website. We will get back with you ASAP

I was dabbed out when ordering and ordered the wrong size, how can I change this?

– Contact us using the Contact feature on this website ASAP. I ship items in 2-5 business days. I never hang onto some ones money, but I also like to be timely with how fast orders go out. Please contact us quickly if you know you ordered the wrong size.

I ordered but I didn’t get a e-mail conformation. Did my order go through?

– Check your spam box, if that fails, try and remember if the email you submitted is the correct one entered when ordering. If that fails, send us your information via our contact page and we can double check to see if it went though or not. You should receive a e-mail confirming your order, if not, contact us asap.

Why do items take 2-5 business days before they are shipped?

– 710 is potent, mistakes can and have been made during ordering. I like to give a customer a day or two in case they submitted the wrong shipping address or ordered the wrong size. It gives a day of communication in case anything happens. Also, some items we offer are made to order. All hoodies/long sleeves are made to order so please be patient knowing the quality will be worth the wait!

Is BHO T-Shirts a full on HUGE warehouse sized company?

-No, BHO T-Shirts is a 2 person team that works very hard at getting everything out in a timely manner. Every t-shirt is silk screened, designed and completed by 1 person. Lots of care and love go into each print. We care to much to sacrifice quality!

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